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Anyone here?

I hope more people start to speak up. I am one lonely kitsune as of late. I recently lost my mate so no male in my life anymore.

Introducing myself;

I'm new here and thought I'd introduce myself.
This community isn't exceptionally active looking, but I'm eager none the less to meet others like myself.

My name is Sam.
Friends have affectionately nicknamed me "Foxxy."
I am not a Myobu, but as all foxes, feel that I have a connection with Inari, and one of my favorite foods is rice.
It's a little too traditional for me to follow along the lines of folklore and such, but as a nogitsune, I don't tend to be particularly malicious.  I consider myself more modern, and I don't have much interest in humans more often than not.
Every now and again the urge to trick and mess around with humans is there, and I do so leisurely for my own enjoyment.

As you may notice, I generally take a human form more often than not.
My face is thin, a common look for female foxes (in human form) and I'm exceptionally nice looking.
My most prideful skill is deceit.  Humans peg me as one thing or another, but I never let them see beyond my mask.
In front of strangers, I enjoy playing 'shy' and 'cute.'  This gives me time to analyze who I'm meeting and size them up without being too straightforward.
Deep down, I'm exceptionally prideful of my looks, intelligence, possessions, and accomplishments.

I have an extreme dislike for humans who are lazy or full of themselves.
I enjoy messing with them especially now and again, using smarts and wits to run circles around them.
It's always entertaining to see a conceited person fall on their face.

I was a late bloomer, and by the human age of 11, (a year later than I was expected to) I earned my second tail.
As I age and grow more experienced, I will eventually gain more tails.
I am eagerly awaiting my 3rd tail, which I feel I will earn soon enough.
I am 18 years old, and am due to earn my tail before the age of 20, if I age well.

I am a traditional red-orange fox, but have black on the tips of my ears and the tips of my tails, along with white inside my ears and white at the very ends of my tails.
I have only met one other fox in my life time.  His name was Mikey (Yes, a male fox) and we met when I was 16.
We're good friends these days, but he's even closer friends with my lover.
I am incredibly protective and prideful of my lover, who is quite the opposite of myself.
A soft, baby blue rabbit.  We are both very devoted to one another, and have been together for nearly 3 years.

I get along with most other animals and humans fairly well.
Most foxes have a strong dislike and fear of dogs, and I did as well at one point.
When I was barely 8, a yappy, annoying pitbull moved in next door to me.
Pitbulls are normally vicious, I'd thought, and I steered clear with all my might, but it followed me everywhere I went, demanding to befriend me.  I had absolutely not interest in doing so.
She never gave up, and finally after several months of pestering, I was dragged into a friendship with a dog at a young age.
We are still friends today, and although I have moved on and we are far apart, I am loyal to my friend regardless and would do anything for her.
Befriending a dog at such a young age in my life has helped me become more comfortable around them in my life, but I will always be wary of them.  I was attacked by a beagle at 9, and since then will never approach any form of dog without caution.
Large dogs both upset and annoy me, and small dogs just flat out annoy me.
When I met Mikey the fox, he was dating a girl named Sarah, another yappy dog it seemed, who was punkish and outgoing.  She was easily gotten along with, but her and Mikey eventually didn't work out, after a rough several years of being on and off together.  Like I said, most foxes and dogs don't mix so well.
Sarah and I got along, but the differences between us were quite unmistakably large.
She's a small dog who does nothing but brag, all bark and no bite.
I got along with her at first for Mikey's sake, but time has tied her to me and although I don't always like her, or trust her, I feel she is just barely still in my loop of would be friends.

I'm dragging on, but I'll quickly mention my family, as I hold them close to me, even though I have seperated myself from them and they are far away.  I come from a crazy family, an insane bunch of misfits, but I love them all none the less.
My mother is a small Tiger.  She isn't one to take lightly because of her size - she is fiercely protective and insanely emotional.  She is incredibly stubborn and very loving towards her family, and very hateful towards those who make themselves her enemy.
My father is a monkey.  He keeps to himself and distrusting and untrusting.  He is intelligent in specific fields, but is very socially-stupid.  He doesn't understand people, while I find it a wonderful game to figure out what makes people tick.
My eldest brother, a half brother, is a bear.  Big, scruffy and loving.  I don't know him well, as we were not raised together.
My eldest sister, another half sibling, is a snake.  She is vain, beautiful, full of herself, and sneaky.  Similar to me you'd think, but we do not get along.  She slithers on her belly and is too full of herself - I consider myself better and above that.
My sister in law is a pig.  I don't know her well either, but she pretty, soft-spoken, and comes from a religeous family, from what I've seen.
My youngest brother, whom I absolutely despised growing up (this is where the largest side of my 'trickster' personality played a role in my life) is a very large, shaggy dog.  He is easy going, but isn't very socially smart.  He enjoys simple pleasures such as food and television, but does actually have a brain somewhere in there.  I've seen it.
He's only 15, but is 6'3" and around 300lbs - a decent bit of that is muscle.  Very big, as I've told you.
I'd stay away from my brother growing up at all costs and never got along with him.  I spent the majority of my lifetime at home pulling pranks and mean tricks on him (he of course walked into everything) but as I've moved away from my family and home, we've somehow managed to bond better and he is one of my closest family members today.

Well, I've successfully taken up some time and kept myself entertained.
I hope you enjoyed reading about me, and I'd love to hear about you as well.
I'm open to making some friends here, so feel free to introduce yourselves and make yourselves known to me.



As a Fox/Kitsune how do you feel about alot of the human lore on us? Do you feel we are more then your backyard fox that humans wrote about in old times? ( I can guess this one lol) How many tails and what do your tails me3an to you if at all? I have 4 now and am quite happy it means to me I have learned along the road.

Inari Sama Nogitsune and Myobu

How do you feel about Inari Sama are you a Myobu a Nogitsune? If your a Nogitsune then how do you feel about M<yobu in general? Do you feel strong twords Inari and Shinto? What are your veiws as a Kitsune?

Back after a loooong leave

Sorry everyone for not comming back sooner. Was on a long journey and hope to get this group going even more. I hope Easter was good for all or umm Spring ect..


What's your favorite thing about being a Kitsune?
Mine is my TAILS!
How many of us in this group? We need more of our kind!

anyone else?

lol Where are the other members? I hope you are all ok.  And foxdiva How come your not on Yahoo IM? lol I added ya along time ago.  Just want to speak is all *sm iles* Anyway I hope you are all ok and well more so if you got hit with Hurrican Icke.

Male fox

Have any of you ever met a male fox? I have, he was the one who sold me the Holy Book of the Fox. Well he has gone and returned to my life twice. This time I'm not letting him go.
Any tips on Male foxes?
Ever met a Male fox?


Well it is the first day of fall.  What do you Kitusne do for Samhein? (halloween) How do you go about  The Fall season?